Sanz Pte Ltd was established in 2006 as a company primarily focused on supplying party and barbecue accessories, with the aim of bringing convenience to all joyful celebration events. Since then, Sanz has become a leading supplier of barbecue accessories and disposable tableware in the industry.

Over the years, Sanz has been dedicated to supporting and promoting environmentally friendly disposable food packaging materials. We continuously delve deeper into this mission and strive to develop fully eco-friendly products. Our goal is to reduce pollution, preserve the environment, and protect the planet, making everyday Earth Day and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Currently, Sanz Pte Ltd has become one of the most trusted and supported suppliers in major chain supermarkets in Singapore. It is also one of the most trusted and supported partners in the food and beverage industry for disposable items, eco-friendly packaging, food packaging, product packaging, and materials.

Such achievements are inseparable from our consistent commitment to quality, innovation, unity, and wholehearted dedication to providing high-quality service.

Sanz Pte Ltd is now taking the green initiative to save the environment by the name of “BIOGreen”. As a company our motive is to produce environmental friendly products to achieve our target of a greener planet.

All our BIOGreen products are manufactured using only recycled and biodegradable materials such as corn and coconut instead of tree and lesser plastic. BIOGreen Charcoal is made from recycled coconut waste shell (75%), fine wood powder (20%), mixed with Edible Starch (5%) and water. Our products are much lighter on the environment and leaves less to no impact when they are recycled or degraded.

Our factory is certificated for the production of coconut charcoal that is in compliance with the social and environment standard by NRE and FRIM. Futhuremore, in compliance with the RoHS directive, our factories and products were also tested for the absence of six hazardous substances (Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent chromium, Polybrominated biphenyls [PBB] and Polybrominated dipenyl ethers [PBDE].

In view of the future, we will be venturing into a larger market by increasing the range of our green and biodegradable products. Some of the products that we will be launching in the very near future include stationeries and toys.

BIOGreen strives to make our planet a greener and better place for generations to live on.  So, it’s time for all of us to encourage the use of biodegradable products in our day-to-day lifes.

Company’s development plans for the next three years
“Environmental Protection”
As a company, our motivation is to produce environmentally friendly products to achieve our green earth goals. Looking ahead, we plan to enter the international market by expanding the range of green and biodegradable products.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide a greener, more sustainable home for future generations.

Our Vision:
We are dedicated to becoming the market leader in the eco-friendly industries, guiding the path towards a more sustainable future.


Our Products:


Our tableware products have passed many stringent quality and standard tests and are awarded with the “Green Label” by the Singapore authorities. All our green products also comply with the FDA, ISO and SGS standards.


BioGreen Charcoal is an extraordinary environment friendly product and is made of 100% green ingredients such as natural recycle coconut shell. We do not add any chemicals in our products to enhance burning.
BioGreen Charcoal burns efficiently with minimum flame, less smoke, no odor, yet it produces intense heat and maintains a high burning temperature. BioGreen Charcoal produces minimum and close to none carbon deposits on your food as its ingredients only includes only green substances and contains no petroleum or other chemicals. It cooks your food perfectly preserving the natural taste and aroma to keep it healthy.

Awards and Recognitions
Honored to Collaborate with and Acknowledged by Prestigious Global Brands


Singapore Prestige Brand Award

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Singapore Enterprise Medal of Honour Award

FairPrice Supplier Excellence Award

DFI Most Innovative Launch Award

Asia Excellence Award

Dairy Farm Singapore Supplier Award