BioGreen Charcoal is an environment friendly product which is 75% made from natural recycle coconut shell. No petroleum products, chemicals or accelerants have been added to enhance or quicken the burning process. BioGreen Charcoal is greener to use for burning and it’s burns more efficiently with less flame but has a very intense heat. It produces less carbon deposits in the food because there are minimal impurities in the charcoal. It is odorless and produces less smoke but has with a high burning temperature which cooks your food quickly by preserving the natural juiciness which makes your food more tasty and healthier food with a rich barbeque aroma.

# Ingredient Percentage by wt.
1 Coconut Shell charcoal Powder Fine 75%
2 Wood Charcoal Powder Fine 20%
3 Edible Starch 5%
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Our Factory Accreditation
Restriction and limit of Hazardous Substances

Our charcoal test result for Chromium, Lead, cadmium and Mercury content base on ROHS limit which is less than 1000ppm.

Convert % to ppm

To convert % to ppm, the result just times 10000.

Our test report = 0.001 X 10000 = 10ppm


We want to protect our planet and we test our charcoal for Chlorine and Sulphur for it pollution level.

Chlorine is tested our test report is 400ppm which is at the lower limit.

Sulphur is tested for air pollution which guideline is for 24hr at 140 ppb (parts per billion) our test show 1300ppm (parts per million).

Other Information

BioGreen disclaims all expressed or implied provided herein, except for conformation to contracted specifications. All information appearing herein is based upon data obtained from recognized sources and from our factory. While the information is believed to be accurate, we make no representations as to its accuracy or sufficiency. Conditions of use are beyond our control, and therefore users are responsible for verifying the data under their own operating conditions to determine whether the product is suitable for their particular purposes and they assume all risks of their use, handling and disposal of the product. Users also assume all risks in regards to the publication or use of, or reliance upon, information contained herein. This information relates only to the product designated herein, and does not relate to its use in combination with any other material or process.

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