Degradable Plastic


Plastic materials have become an integral part of our everyday life. Production and consumption of plastics will continue to increase. However this cause plastic waste issue to our environment, example, clogging of drainage systems and rivers, rubbish accumulations & pollutions, unstable landfills, landslide in landfill area and etc. What make matter worst is that conventional plastic can take up to 400 years to breakdown in a landfill!!

With the introduction of degradable plastic bags, we can reduce the impact of plastic waste on our environment. It is the first step towards building a better living condition and more responsible community.

Degradation of plastic bags is triggered by heat, exposure to sunlight and mechanical stress. Upon initiation, the degradable additive will start to breakdown the carbon chain of the polymers and hence resulting in lowering the molecular weight & mechanical strength. The polyethylene molecules become smaller and smaller and eventually, become small enough for the micro-organisms to digest (as material or energy source) and convert it to carbon dioxide and water residue. It does not leave any harmful material behind.


Plastic materials are used by every households it is almost impossible to avoid using plastic materials even though the problems on plastic waste have become more alarming the current best solution for reducing plastic waste related problems is to use degradable plastic wherever possible.


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